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Jak nakupovat - How to buy
Jak nakupovat


1 - V detailu nebo v boxu produktu proklikněte na tlačítko "Koupit"

2 - Produkt se přesune do košíku.

3 - Zde zvolte způsob dodání a způsob platby.

4 -  V následujicím kroku vyplňte údaje, na jaké má být zásilka doručena.

5 - Dokončete objednávku.

Our e-shop attempts to be easy to use for all customers, unfortunately it is only available in the Czech version at the moment, so if you have any questions please call me or send me an email.


1. First of all select the category of product that you want, some items are cross referenced, you can search by type, brand or search by the product name. If you can recommend any other separate catagories, please let us know an we can create them.

2. If you wish to buy something, just select by on the shopping cart, you can then either continue in your purchase or choose to select something else by selecting the back button,

3. If you have selected some items, click on the cart and you can see the overview of what you have selected, it is possible to edit your selection at this point, even delete items, once you are satisfied with the selection press "next".

4. the next page will offer you to fill in the delivery address, method of payment and method of delivery, please check all items. Once satifsied you have to tick the agreement with the terms and conditions box before continuing with the purchase. Then press "order". (Objednat)

5. If the order was succesful, then there should be a pop-up message confirming the oder. You will also receive an email to confirm. If you want to change anything after this point, please send me an email: ben.anderson@email.cz